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Let there be drywall!!!

Remember how I said I was ready to let the contractors come in and put up drywall because the wallpaper was completely impossible to remove? Well, they came in this morning and by noon, it was all done!

They are doing the first round of taping / spackling this afternoon. We’ll be ready to paint by this weekend!

Finally feels like we’re making some real progress! Yay!


01 2010

Wallpaper Removal Take 3…and 4

Take 3 for wallpaper removal consisted of us trying to use a steamer.  The steamer first recommends holding it up to the wallpaper for 10 seconds and then increasing the time if that doesn’t work. We had to hold it up for more than 30 seconds on a spot and it looked like we might have been damaging the wall. Using the steamer ended up being very tiring.

Take 4 brought us back full circle when our neighbor told us to use the blue stuff from home depot mixed with hot water in a bucket and using a mop to really soak the walls. Warning this can really damage the floors. Fortunately Jill and I are planning on having the floors redone. This method has worked tons better than the other methods, but I don’t think we continued to soak the walls enough and we ended up scraping more than needed.


01 2010

Wallpaper Removal Take 2…

While Craig was out training with the Fire Department today, I went back to work removing the wallpaper. Today’s method of choice: Fabric Softener. That’s right… A capfull of Downy in a bucket of hot water. This time I applied it with a paint roller. I thought it was going well for a little while, but let’s be honest: There’s WAY too much paper on the walls…  Here’s what it looked like this morning:

And 3 hours later:

Don’t be fooled! Annie came by after I already took down most of that. I don’t know about you, but I don’t consider this a whole lot of progress… Especially when the paper in the hallway comes down so much easier:

At this point? I’m ready to call in the contractor and get some drywall up there… Stay tuned!


01 2010

Wallpaper Removal Take 1

After asking several different friends about the best and most effective wallpaper removal techniques, we decided to take on the master bedroom. Armed with scrapers, hot water, white vinegar and a mysterious blue product (claiming to be the best wallpaper removal solution), we started. Here is what the room looked like before:

And here is what it looked like after 3 hours… How many different paper patterns can you find?


01 2010

New Home!

We are officially moved in to our new place. It felt like the longest (and most tedious) process but it was definitely worth it!

This whole house journey started last July when we (finally) put our apartment on the market. We had an offer by October and immediately started the search for a dream house. After looking at, what felt like, dozens of houses, we found this little gem. Character? Check. Charm? Check. Good bones? Yes, definitely. Lots (and lots) of crazy wallpaper? Uh…yeah, you could say that…

Home Sweet Home


Come visit us soon!!!


12 2009