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Floors are finished!

What do you think? Such an improvement!!!

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02 2010

Totally floored…

The last thing we need to get done before the big makeover… refinishing the hardwood floors.  There was carpet on these floors for years and the wood underneath was in pretty sad shape. Water stains, rough finishing, splinters! Before we moved in, I contacted Savino Brothers Hardwood Flooring Specialists… Our timing didn’t work in our favor to have everything done before the big move, but they were ready to go when I called about the master bedroom.

I knew I wanted a dark stain on the floor. Here are the 3 sample options:

We went with the middle (darkest) stain. Craig worked from home today and was able to keep me updated on the progress. Even just the sanding made a HUGE difference and really improved the look of the floors:

Almost done staining:

Looks great so far!

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02 2010