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Spring has sprung!

Hi Everyone,

I know… I know… this post is LONG overdue. We’ve been really bad bloggers lately. The past month (and a half) has flown by. I should have updated this along the way, and now I’ve fallen behind. Lots to catch up on…

So, here goes…

Craig had this old filing cabinet in his office. It’s an odd green color and sort of beat up. Nothing a can of spray paint can’t fix:

Here’s the after photo… please ignore all the wires behind the cabinet. And again, don’t look directly into the wallpaper:

Another small improvement we made is to the dining room. As you may remember, we lost the only lighting source when the old chandelier was moved to our bedroom:

Papa Naz came over to install this fixture he happened to have in the basement. You gotta love that!

Our dining room bliss was short-lived, however… All the melting snow on the roof, followed by the crazy storms we had at the beginning of Spring, created a leak in our roof… Right over the dining room:

Craig and I have been trying to keep up with the roof maintenance… but since it was neglected for so long before we moved in, it needs a lot of work. Our old slate roof is just not cutting it anymore:

We’re considering replacing the roof with standard asphalt tiles in black:

There’s a ton more to update, so stay tuned!!!


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