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Secret Weapon:

This stuff is great! Do not be fooled by other brands or cheaper alternatives!

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape for Delicate Surfaces… We painted the walls last night and taped them off this morning so that we would get clean, neat lines when painting the trim. This tape goes on easy and peels off beautifully without damaging the new paint and walls.

Once we finished painting the trim in Benjamin Moore’s Snow White semi-gloss, we waited until the paint was completely dry before removing the tape. What do you think?

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01 2010

Prime + Paint

After making a trip to Home Depot last night to buy the primer, we came home and immediately got to work getting the walls ready for painting… This morning we made our big trip to the paint store for our Benjamin Moore colors (LOVE!).

Our bestest friend, Dan, offered to come by and help us with the painting, and THANK GOD HE WAS HERE! Craig and I never would have gotten it done without him.

Here they are cleaning the walls and moldings pre-painting:

Welcome to the world of blogging, Dan!

Primed wall / Ceiling in Benjamin Moore Summer Shower and Craig putting on the first coat of Gray Owl:

Tomorrow we’ll tape off all moldings and trim so that we can paint those without wrecking all the work we put in today…

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01 2010

Home is where the makeover is…

A few weeks ago I entered a bedroom makeover contest on The Nest. Thinking that we would be in the running for what could possibly be the most horrific wallpaper situation on the planet, I didn’t think we had anything to lose… so I entered…. AND WON!!!!!!!

How exciting!!!!!!!!

Tonight we met with Eddie Ross (check him out at and Jaithan Kochar. Eddie will be designing our master bedroom to it’s full, glorious, wallpaper-free potential! Here are some of the Benjamin Moore colors he has in mind:

Tomorrow, we paint!


01 2010

Let there be drywall!!!

Remember how I said I was ready to let the contractors come in and put up drywall because the wallpaper was completely impossible to remove? Well, they came in this morning and by noon, it was all done!

They are doing the first round of taping / spackling this afternoon. We’ll be ready to paint by this weekend!

Finally feels like we’re making some real progress! Yay!


01 2010

Wallpaper Removal Take 3…and 4

Take 3 for wallpaper removal consisted of us trying to use a steamer.  The steamer first recommends holding it up to the wallpaper for 10 seconds and then increasing the time if that doesn’t work. We had to hold it up for more than 30 seconds on a spot and it looked like we might have been damaging the wall. Using the steamer ended up being very tiring.

Take 4 brought us back full circle when our neighbor told us to use the blue stuff from home depot mixed with hot water in a bucket and using a mop to really soak the walls. Warning this can really damage the floors. Fortunately Jill and I are planning on having the floors redone. This method has worked tons better than the other methods, but I don’t think we continued to soak the walls enough and we ended up scraping more than needed.


01 2010