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Let the games…uh, renovations… begin!

So… The house had been empty for about 3 years, give or take. When we looked and had the inspection and walk through, they assured us that all of the appliances (with the exception of the dishwasher dinosaur in the kitchen) were in working order. Everything was unplugged and disconnected… we took their word. Note to reader: TEST EVERYTHING BEFORE YOU MOVE IN!

The fridge didn’t really get super cold, the dryer just plain didn’t work at all. So, we ordered new appliances. The experts at Berger Appliance in Hawthorne, NY were amazing. They found exactly what we needed for the small spaces in our kitchen and even promised delivery the very next day. Here’s a peek at the um…removal…of the old fridge and dishwasher:



12 2009

Oh Christmas Tree…

Merry Christmas everyone!

Since Craig and I are still living out of the many, many boxes we moved with, the house is still in a state of chaos. No time for a real Christmas tree this year, which almost breaks my heart. This will have to hold us over until next year:

christmas tree

I think it fits in rather nicely with all the gorgeous wallpaper/wall coverings in the house, don’t you?

Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas!



12 2009

Guten Tag!

Had our very first guests over to share a bottle of champagne!

Connie and Brian came all the way from Germany just to see our new house!


12 2009

New Home!

We are officially moved in to our new place. It felt like the longest (and most tedious) process but it was definitely worth it!

This whole house journey started last July when we (finally) put our apartment on the market. We had an offer by October and immediately started the search for a dream house. After looking at, what felt like, dozens of houses, we found this little gem. Character? Check. Charm? Check. Good bones? Yes, definitely. Lots (and lots) of crazy wallpaper? Uh…yeah, you could say that…

Home Sweet Home


Come visit us soon!!!


12 2009